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ABOUT ME (Part 1)

I am dead inside

✨ Malaysian
✨ She
✨ Gemini but an odd one
✨ English 中文 OK
✨ Do not upload artworks often
✨ Loves drawing, gaming and writing stories
I draw random stuffs, both original and fan arts. Also draw in both emo and cute artstyle, depends on what content I draw.
✨My pen name, "Chiyori" can be wrote in 千夜里 in chinese, it means "In Thousand Nights" in English.

ABOUT ME (Part 2)

✨ Sentimental and Melancholic
✨ Slytherin
✨ Complexity: 81%
✨ I like to be alone, so I can easily feel tired if I keep talking with someone. I will stop replying/ chat with you once i feel socially exhausted, give me some time to recharge and I will be back again ^^


Games: Tales of Series || Devil May Cry || Danganronpa || Zelda || Final Fantasy || Kingdom Hearts || Resident Evil || Metal Gear Solid || God of War || Detroit: Become Human || Assassin Creed ||

Animes: Danganronpa || Detective Conan || Hunter x Hunter ||

Movies: MCU || Disney || Lotr

Youtubers: Laowu || Pewds || Jacksepticeye

Fictional Characters: V(DMC5) || LOKI || Axel(KH) || Ouma Kokichi(DGRP v3)

Colors: Any Blue || Dark Green || Black || Pastel/Sakura Pink

Gems: Sapphire || Sphene || Turqoise

Foods: Cup Noodle || Desserts

Drinks: Hot Chocolate

.....In case you wanna know

Little notice regarding the websites I have been managing:

Important: I dont update artworks often because Im busy in real life QwQ
I draw ORIGINAL and FAN arts

Twitter: Digital Arts
Tumblr: Digital Arts
Instagram: Slowly moving from traditional to digital arts ✅
DeviantArt: Digital Arts
Facebook: Random Arts (Chinese) ✅
Kofi: Uhm..I will be very happy and thankful if you willing to support me!! QwQ
Email: For Business Purpose Only

means I will be more active in these websites/accounts

Thank you for your time!

🌼Have a nice day🌼